The Plan


Angel turned 10 this month, I forgot to mention it. Good thing she can’t read. My niece also turned 8 on the same day. Happy birthday to my two fav girls!

It’s normal to include the dog on birthday cakes, right?

Moving on….

Good news!  I was discharged from Physical Therapy on Thursday.  They booted me out the door with a running-build-up plan to follow and a free draw-string bag.  I like free stuff so I just went with it without asking why.  Anyway, I’m told that if I follow The Plan I will be able to run Broad Street.  I will also be able to build back up in time to start marathon training. Yahoo!

I’ve been warned that I will be sore after workouts, and that it’s OK.  The only time I should be concerned with pain is when I’m running.  And if that happens I should STOP running.  My guy tells me I will probably struggle with aches and pains for the next 2 months or so but by the time Memorial Day comes around I should be feeling 100% and ready to tackle marathon training.  JUST FOLLOW THE PLAN.

I’ve been following The Plan for exactly one workout and I failed at following The Plan.


I left my beloved Plan at work so when I went out for my run yesterday I was pretty sure I was moving up to 28 minutes.  So that’s what I did.  28 fast-for-me minutes.  I finished over 3.5 miles, clocking in at just under a 8:00 minute pace.  It was awesome even if my lungs did burn like it was our first run ever.  I felt good and was pumped to get The Plan started on such a good note.

Then I got to work and saw that I blew The Plan on day one.  I’m a moron.

Here’s what I should be doing and hopefully will be doing for the next 4 weeks…  if my muddy brain can remember The Plan.  I’ll be mixing cross-training in as well, this is strictly my running plan.

Week of March 24: Run 4x
Sunday: 25 minute run
Tuesday: 18 minute run
Thursday: 20 minute run
Saturday: 20 minute run

Total Running Time: 83 minutes

Notes: Progress as long as there is no pain.  If there is pain, monitor the symptoms and if it gets worse stop plan. Some soreness is to be expected.

Week of March 31: Run 4-5x

Sunday: 28 minute run
Tuesday: 20 minute run
Wednesday: 23 minute run
Friday: 22 minute run

Total Running Time: 91 minutes

Notes: Increase mileage from previous week by 10%.  Can add 10% to long run or spread out over all runs.

Week of April 7: Run 5x

Sunday: 32 minute run
Monday: 22 minute run
Wednesday: 24 minute run
Thursday: 24 minute run
Friday: 24 minute run

Total Running Time: 126 minutes

Week of April 14

Sunday: 38 minute run
Tuesday: 400m x5-8 reps, 80% 5K pace
Wednesday: 24 minute run
Thursday: 26 minute run, Strides
Friday: 26 minute run

Total Running Time: 138 minutes

1 Monthiversary


Cute dogs make my lame runs more bearable.

Last week I celebrated 1 month of Physical Therapy.  As much as I hate spending the money and not running a cabillion miles a week, I think my guy knows what he’s talking about and I’m not ready to break up with him just yet.  I’ve seen a lot of progress since my initial visit, and everything that I’ve read about tendonitis tells me I’m lucky to be running again in under 2 months.

I’ve been going to PT twice a week just about every week.  The first 2 weeks of PT I was kept strictly on the bike or elliptical, mainly focusing on strengthening exercises and wicked massages.  Like massages that gave me bruises.  It was amazingly painful; I guess I figure if it hurts it must be working?

Anyway, after 2 weeks my therapist started me very slowly on the treadmill.  3 set of walking 2:00 then running 2:00.  Without any pain showing up, I got to bump that up to 3 sets of 5:00 walk/run and then 3 sets of 8:00 walk/run on my following visits.  After my sets of 8:00 I had some pain so we came back down and restarted at 5:00 and once I was able to run 3 8:00 intervals pain free we started eliminated the walking portions – we started at 12 minutes of straight running.  Then it was 14 on Thursday, 16 on Saturday and 18 on Monday.  I’m pretty excited to make it to the 20 minute mark on Wednesday.  If I can make it to Thursday pain free I will be discharged from PT with a safe and smart plan on how to continue to build back up on my own.

I’d be lying if I told you my leg/foot was 100% healed.  It’s not, my therapist says it is still healing and will be for some time.  So it’s important I take baby steps and really listen to my body.  While I run I am pain free but sometimes I have discomfort walking barefoot after a workout or other small signs like that that my Achilles is still a little angry at me.  But, the therapist says as long as it doesn’t bother me while I am running and it stays minor, I am safe to continue on.

So continue on I will.  Angel even made it out for my 18 minute run last night.  The conclusion?  We are both out of shape.

Congrats BeeRye!

On another note, congrats to my hunky Coastie!  BeeRye was promoted to Chief recently and I’m super proud of him!

Chief Beerye

Chief BeeRye


We’re Home


It’s been a busy but fun few weeks for us.  Thanks to lots of help from family and friends the move went incredibly smoothly and we were able to stay in our new home the night we made settlement and have been there ever since.


The un-packing is a process that I don’t see ending in the very near future, but we’ll get there.  In the meantime BeeRye and I are enjoying living in the same state, under one roof.  And the pooches are enjoying their freedom in the yard and their personal space in the house.

If you’re friends with me on facebook you’ve seen most of these, but here are some highlights from the last two weeks:





First Dinner Party for Brian’s Fam


First fire, first home-cooked meal with our first flower delivery and first snow!

How’s the foot?

After a minor set back from the move (on my feet lots, not icing/stretching/strengthening because there was so much to do) I had to take a step back.  Since that hiccup I’ve been VERY slowly building my running back up from a walk.  Saturday I walked 5 minutes, ran 8, walked 2, ran 8, walked 2, ran 2, and walked 15, to give you an idea of what my workouts are looking like.  It’s not exactly high mileage, but the good news is that I AM running.  And when I’m running, I’m running slightly fast… for me (Saturday I was running at 8:00 minute pace or faster).

I’m trying hard not to think about all of the races that are gearing up that I will miss, including my previously planned PR attempt at Caesar Rodeny this weekend.  It’s a bummer but I will come back stronger than ever and hungry.  My Physical Therapist also assures me I’ll be able to build up and run Broad Street as previously planned. Wahoo!

BeeRye and I are celebrating our last Valentine’s Day as single people.  Well, the unmarried version of single anyway.

i am loved

I am loved

I got to start the celebration a day early when 2 dozen roses arrived at my office.  I’m a lucky girl.  Tonight we’re taking the heat up a notch and spending a romantic evening with our accountant.  I only wish I was joking :)

New Week, New Doctor

t-minus 10 days

t-minus 10 days!!!!!!

Brian and I have been 100% approved for our mortgage and our settlement date/time is confirmed; Friday, February 22 at 9:00am!  I’ve also found a renter for my condo, so all of the pieces are falling into place and we’ll be living in our new home together in no time.

As much as I don’t like taking time off from running, I’ve come to terms with that fact that it may be a blessing in disguise.  I started packing on Monday.  I was in a bit of packing denial, I thought it would be easy and go quickly.  I purge after every season (if I didn’t wear it that season, it goes to Good Will), I cleaned out my office recently… how bad could it be?

And it begins.

And it begins.

It’s hard.  Living in one spot for the last 5+ years made me forget how un-fun packing can be.  And while I’d MUCH rather be out pounding the pavement, it’s probably best I don’t have anything to distract me from the task at hand.  If it’s quiet around here for the next 2 weeks or so, you’ll know why.

And this doesn't include my running shoe collection.

And this doesn’t include my running shoe collection.

That doesn’t mean I’m ignoring my recovery totally.  I went to see a (new) Physical Therapist last Thursday and saw him again on Monday.  On my initial visit he gave me a full exam, testing my flexibility, balance and strength.  He confirmed that I had tendonitis in my Achilles and that I would need some additional time off from running.

While I was there he also gave me a kind of deep tissue massage in the healing area, using a method known as the Graston Technique.  it was intense at times, but it felt good by the time he finished and worked out some of the bulges, knots and kinks.

Graston Technique

This innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The technique utilizes specifically designed stainless steel instruments to detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation. The Graston Technique is effective because it separates and breaks down collagen cross-links and splays connective tissue, which increases the rate and amount of blood flow resulting in increased cellular activity and facilitates reflex changes in the chronic muscle holding pattern.

My calf’s were really sore for a few days after my first visit but I worked through it with the stretches and exercises that the doctor gave me that will help strengthen and lengthen my muscles.  On Monday, after warming up on the bike for 10 minutes, he took me through a bunch of new exercises that I can do (for the most part) at home and then tortured me again on the table.  I cooled down with 15 minutes on the elliptical.

I go back again tonight and hope to get a more clear picture of when he thinks I can try incorporating running back into my routine.  I don’t have any more pain around my ankle, the main complaint I had when I benched myself 3 weeks ago.  I can feel a very slight tenderness in some of the stretches but that’s it.  Things seem to be 95% of the way back to normal.

Ice bath fun

Ice bath fun

Here’s hoping I get some good news tonight at the PT appointment.  And that a packing fairy stops by my house while I’m at work today and fills all those empty boxes sitting around my house.

Wedding Wednesday

In case you’ve forget, BeeRye and I are getting married on July 5th!  We’ve been doing a ton of planning and I thought I would share some of the more fun things here with you guys.

My Mom and I took my niece out to shop for her Flower Girl dress recently, how cute is she?

The one on the right in the picture above was her favorite, not so much mine.  She was a good sport though and we compromised and choose her second favorite dress, which all three of us loved.


The twirl factor was important in our decision making.


I didn’t post the winner, you’ll see that after July 5th :)

I love that wedding planning is giving me reasons to spend extra special time with the people I’m closest with.  Gi must have tried on a dozen dresses and then re-tried them all on 3 or 4 times.  We had a lot of laughs and days like these make me so excited for the actual day.

Injury Update

More pictures of dogs, Stacy must be injured!

What did we learn? Pictures of dogs=injury.

So, I may have drank a little bit of the Kool-Aid last week when I was gushing over how much I loved A.R.T.  After following doctor’s orders, I ran Tuesday morning.  My foot/ankle/heel felt a little sorer on Wednesday but I saw Dr. K after work and he worked his magic once again.  I felt great when I left his office, no pain whatsoever.  Then I went to running club later that night. I felt my calf get a tight feeling about halfway through the run and by mile 4 (of 6.5), I had pain with every left-footed step and woke up to a really sore foot on Thursday.

I gimped around all weekend (for the second weekend in a row) and stayed away from running.  I felt my foot getting a little better with each day, so when I met with Dr. K. on Monday evening, and he told me to push through and run Tuesday morning again, I ignored the crap out of him.  I felt like he wasn’t totally hearing what I was telling him and I didn’t want to set myself back, again.

I think A.R.T. probably has it’s time and place, and probably really helps some people.  If I had a race coming up in the next week or so I would probably trust in the program a little more and hope for the best.  BUT, I don’t have a race in the near future.  There’s no reason not to take a little time off and let my foot heal fully.  I’d rather be benched for 10-14 days (what I’m estimating at this point) than have a nagging injury for the next few months or more.

The good news is that my time with Dr. K., and $30 per visit co-pays, haven’t been for naught (does that word make me sound smart or just old?).  Dr. K. has talked to me about how I can improve my form to become a more efficient runner and also made me see the light with just how much more strength training/cross training I should be doing.

I decided to take this time off from running to get in that mindset.  With the exception of one day, I’ve done at least one form of strength training everyday for the last week and my body if feeling the aftermath of that. Yesterday, day 7, I struggled through my Core Pilates workout like you wouldn’t believe.  But it’s a good thing, I’m giving all of those unused muscles a really loud wake-up call.

My goal from here on out is the do yoga, Pilates and some form of cross training (that doesn’t include walking) once a week.  In other words, 3 workouts each week out side of running.  It’s going to be hard at times (because I really don’t enjoy strength training all that much at all), but I really think it will help my body become stronger and keep me from having all of these little injuries continuously popping up.

And in good news, I didn’t have any pain, for the first time in over 2 weeks, when I put on my sneakers to walk Angel this morning.  The pain I feel is in the back of my ankle and it’s at it’s worst when I have to slide my foot into my shoes.  I did have some tightness by the time we finished up our 25 minute morning walk, but no pain.  As long as I continue to see improvement each day, I can live with not running.

Injured Week in Review:

Wednesday: 6.5 mile run, upper body weights/lower body squats and lunges
30 day shred workout (DVD), Yoga
Friday: 30 minutes on Elliptical, 30 day shred workout
Saturday: Matt Pilates class, 30 minutes on stationary bike
Sunday: 30 day shred workout, yoga
Monday: off
Tuesday: Core Pilates, 30 minutes on stationary bike


Thursday Things

It was 20 degrees Tuesday morning for our track workout. My lips were so cold I couldn’t form words by the time we finished up. I made a sweet purchase in preparation for my Wednesday night run, in sub 20 degree temperatures.


balaclava = my new fav winter accessory

I pulled it down so it wrapped right below my lower lip, otherwise my breathing would have made it moist/cold.  BeeRye hates that word, FYI, moist makes his skin crawl.  Anyway, I was a little cold by the time I finished but nowhere near as frozen as I was after Tuesday’s run.  Plus I sorta love the pink plaid design.

I got this one at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $19.99.