Training Update (5/4)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on how my running has been going this spring as it has been a while since my last post, and for that, I apologize.

After the NYC Half Marathon, I started developing some minor shin pain when running and had fairly inconsistent mileage through the second half of March.  Around the start of April, as I pushed the milage, the pain became more severe.  I proceeded to take two weeks off of running and cross-trained by biking and utilizing the elliptical.

However, in a desperate attempt to get up to speed for the Frederick Half Marathon this weekend I ramped up mileage too fast (again) and am now battling some pretty bad shin splints (hopefully not a stress fracture).  I was able to compete in the Run Wild for the Zoo 5k at the Philadelphia Zoo this past weekend.  That was a great race with a fun course!

I have made the difficult decision to not run the half marathon this weekend as that would only set me back even further.  I plan on taking the next several weeks off from running and will bike in the meantime.  I also plan to switch shoes back to the Hoka Hoka Bondi 5 to take advantage of a more cushioned ride.  If combating shin splints is something you are interested in learning more about, let me know and I can write more about it.  It is always tough to not attempt a race that you have already registered for, but it is critical to not push yourself to the point of further injury.

In the meantime feel free to follow my biking activity on strava, and I promise to upload content to this blog on a more frequent basis.  Look out for some gear reviews coming very soon!

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